Is there a cost to participate on the site?

No. Our goal is to provide access to PPEs for healthcare providers and essential businesses in a timely and efficient manner.

Is there a certification or vetting process for those listed on the site?

No. Working through chamber networks, we hope to avoid fraudulent offers, but do not have the capacity to vet those on the site. You will find a chamber logo next to those companies who are invested in their local chambers or the CLT Alliance. We also have a process that allows for the reporting of suspicious activity, but users of the site should institute their own process for vetting suppliers.

How is delivery of the product handled?

Delivery of supplies must be determined between the supplier and the recipient.

Are the products all donated?

While donations are appreciated, we realize this is not always possible. Pricing and purchasing details are to be coordinated by the supplier and the recipient.

How can I donate products?

If a company or individual wishes to donate supplies, they will need to organize drop-off, etc. with the healthcare provider/business to whom they are donating.