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Humimic Medical

Greenville, SC

Primary Contact Information

Heath Hawkins


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188 Kerns Ave #B
Greenville, SC 29609


Face Shields

Production Capacity: all

Production Ready Date: 05/28/2020

Medical grade product (FDA Certified): No

Notes: DESCRIPTION The Humimic Medical Full Face Shield offers over the top face protections. The large durable face visor allows for more face coverage to ensure greater protection. The HM Face Shield comes preassembled with a velcro back and a comfort sponge upfront to allow a comfortable fit for everyone, even during long durations and can be disposed of after each use. Made in South Carolina, USA. FEATURES One – HM Disposable Face Shields TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Easily accommodates eyeglasses and protective goggles Material – Polycarbonate Double-sided Anit-Fog Design Weight per Shield: .4 oz Length: 11 inches Width: 12 inches Adjustable Velcro Back: XS – XXL High-Temperature Resistant – High Impact Resistant